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Subject: "Does anyone have old copies of the What's New page?"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Jan-27-15, 09:07 PM (EST)
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"Does anyone have old copies of the What's New page?"
   Hi --

As some may know, I maintain a "what previously was new" mirror of the Eyrie What's New page.

Unfortunately, I just noticed I haven't updated it since 2013/09/12, and the current "What's New" page only goes back to 2014/06/06. (It's been cycling faster than it has in a while...which is far from a bad thing! But I have to pay more attention.)

Does anyone -- either among the Usual Suspects, or others -- have a copy of the What's New page from between those dates? The Wayback Machine does not seem to have scraped the page since that date, at any of the flavors of the URL I can check.

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