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Apr-18-10, 06:22 PM (EDT)
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"you may notice a few oddities"
   The server-side scripts that make the EPU website work are pretty old (about 10,000 Internet years) and creaky. One of the things they do is generate those little menus at the bottoms of the pages, and they weren't really designed to do it on sub-sub-subpages like the ones I recently bodged up for Manhunt and Star-Crossed. Which is why the links at the bottoms of those pages have the wrong relative paths in them.

I've mentioned it to Dave, but those old scripts are pretty black juju and he's got a lot of other stuff to do, so it's probably not going to get fixed right away. I just wanted to note it here because I've been getting the occasional PM about it and there's no need for folks to keep duplicating the effort of letting us know. It is, as we used to say in tech support, a Known Issue.

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