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#0, (TFLF Ch 3) Fiction for a Cause, Kind Of
Posted by Gryphon on Oct-07-14 at 03:37 AM
So hey.

I'm Chief Gryphon and I approve this message. I've had an expensively ill dog before, and it is not a good scene on any level. As a dog lover myself and a general sap for this kind of thing, I find myself very touched by the situation and I'd like to help.

However, for reasons I am evidently not qualified to determine, the website does not seem willing (or possibly able) to accept my filthy American monies. So instead, what I thought I would do is give you the next part of TFLF a few days early, but only link it from right here in this post until Friday.

I don't have any way of enforcing this, obviously, or even of knowing - and you don't have to tell me! - but I would like to think that if a few of you dug this chapter and liked getting it at the other end of the week, you maybe went and gave a little something for me.

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