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#0, New Frontier Trailer No. 3
Posted by Gryphon on Apr-01-09 at 07:31 PM
[designed by Chad Collier]

/* The Wallflowers
"Everybody Out of the Water"
Red Letter Days (2002) */

Interior – IPO Headquarters crime lab, New Avalon - Day

The office is empty, quiet. There’s a distant thunder beyond the walls. Without warning, all the exterior windows blow in.

Now on your mark, get set, let's go
You got to move now before she explodes
Look out the window and out below
Back away from the glass, well there she blows

Interior – Starship hallway

The overhead lights pulse with the standard indications of a full combat red alert. A purposeful looking blonde strides quickly down the hallway headed towards the turbolift. An instantly recognizable man joins her and matches her pace.

Catherine Willows.

Jim Kirk.


As they enter the lift, Kirk raises an eyebrow.


The city's been levelled, the hills are in flames
The streets cracked open and they're pushing up clay
The temperature's dropped, the sky is gray
And it ain't even over, comes driving rain

Exterior – New Avalon - Day

Eric Delko and Ryan Wolfe are being chased by a squad of Covenant Grunts. They round a corner and find themselves trapped in a dead-end alley.

(checking his sidearm)

I’m out.

I have three left.

Just as soon as the Grunts appear, they disappear again under a suddenly appearing pile of rubble that used to be the wall of the building next to them. The dust settles just long enough to show Atomic Robo lying on top of the debris. He looks towards the stunned criminalists.

It ain't me that you feel
There's something moving around in here
Now that's blood, that's tears
This ain't a warning

Atomic Robo
Hey, guys. I’ll be right with you.

A GIANT WALKING NAZI WAR MACHINE lumbers through the hole in the wall and picks Robo up, holding him up to the cockpit. Robo punches the war machine.

Everybody out of the water
And up on dry land
Take what you can
'Cause you won't be here again
Everybody out of the water

Interior – The bridge of an unknown spacecraft

Warrick Brown walks out of the turbolift and looks around.

Somebody wanted to see me?

The person sitting in the Captain’s chair turns around and smiles.

Nikola Tesla
Ahh, Mr. Brown. Welcome to Bletchley Park!

Now I'm treading high water to get back to you
Looking for a low spot or something to cling to
There's too many bodies, there's not enough room
God help me and God help you

A rapid series of shots, a car exploding, people running. Frank Tripp and Jim Brass, weapons drawn.

I think we’re done here. What do you say, Jim?

Close on Brass, a cruel smile crossing his face.

Oh yeah, we’re done.

Brass fires.

They say nobody panic, help is on its way
We're already on it, you got to be brave
If you can fix it now then don't make us wait
Man there ain't nobody coming, back away from the gates

Interior – Starship medbay

Doc Robbins and Greg Sanders stand before a body under a sheet. Robbins pulls the sheet away and gasps. Greg turns away.

That bell that you hear
That's hell ringing in your ears
I fear, my dear, this ain't a warning


Conrad Ecklie laughs, an edge of madness in his voice.

Everybody out of the water
And up on dry land
Take what you can
Cause you won't be here again

Interior – A Science Lab

Natalia Boa Vista leans over a large microscope. She pulls away slowly, her mouth agape.

... oh my God.

Well I loved you then
Like I love you now
That won't matter anyhow
Well this is the new frontier
Everybody out of the water

Exterior – A snowbound frontier

Calleigh Duquesne lies prone, dressed in white BDUs. She has a SRS99D-S2 AM sniper rifle to her shoulder and is intently sighting something down the electronic scope. She takes a deep breath, lets it out, and fires.

Now I'm looking up and the shit keeps coming
Like shooting ducks in a barrel of honey
You got to learn how to pray, love won't be enough
Admit it now, your information sucks


Calleigh calmly pulls herself up on a knee, hoists the rifle, roughly sights it in on her unseen target, and proceeds to unload the rest of the clip.

As I slip down in
I think of a someplace high on a mountain
Smoke clears, the fog lifts
Little by little we rebuild again
Until then

Exterior – Wooded area – Day

Nick Stokes stands on a high ridge looking down on an alien structure below the treeline, his face pensive. A gruff male voice startles him out of his reverie.


Well what the hell, son, are you just going to stand there all day, or are we gonna go down there and get them?

Nick looks offscreen in disbelief.

... Dad?

Everybody out of the water
And up on dry land
Take what you can
'Cause you won't be here again

Exterior – Location Unknown - Day

Sara Sidle is running, the background a wild blurred riot. Tears stream back from her eyes, yet she’s smiling a strangely peaceful smile.


I loved you then
Like I love you now
It won't matter anyhow

Interior - Night

I’m afraid I can’t let that happen.

Gil Grissom ignites his lightsaber. Morpheus Windu crosses behind Grissom, lighting his own blade.

Neither can I.

Well this is the new frontier
Everybody out of the water

Exterior - Day

Horatio Caine stands looking at the ground contemplating something off screen with a serious, forlorn look. The landscape behind him is obscured by fast moving clouds of ugly smoke. His head rises, looking somewhere out past us, his eyes distant. He pauses, dons his shaded dataglasses, and puts his hands on his hips.

Everybody out of the water

Towering flames are reflected in the lenses of his sunglasses.

Everybody out of the water