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#0, New Frontier Speculations
Posted by Norgarth on Apr-01-09 at 09:46 PM
Well, As Rickdominated said in response to the first trailer, KICK ASS!

Well, to start with, the most obvious theme from the trailers is 'Covenant War 2'.

Trailer one focuses on several of our favorite IPO agents. My initial interpretation is as follows:

- Steve Rogers' visit to Janice might involve her boyfriend (who's name I'm blanking on) being MIA/KIA.
- Silvar is unhappy
- Some ODSTs are a) quite possibly underestimating their targets (whomever they are) and b) in more trouble than they realize.
- More Covenant, Our favorite furry photographer and Truss, who's wondering when his last name became Connor. 8P
- Janice making a Decision, followed by the appearance of a new Spartan (Janice?)
- Xander Cage conversing with someone my subconscious insists on calling M.
- Skuld showing why she leads the Valkyries.

Trailer 2:
the quality/numbers of troops required to make this group of characters fall back/retreat is disturbing. I don't know what's in the droppods but they can't be good news, especially since this appears to be a Big Fire operation.
Sounds like there's be a strong need for urban renewal in the near future.

Trailer 3:
It looks like the cast of CSI:NA arebeing upgraded across the board, from cops, to super-cops. 8P Did someone order a bulk shipment of Interesting Times?

Cathrine + Kirk, going to be interesting.
Gotta wonder if Atomic Robo's dance partner is connected to the Covenant or just unfortunate timing.
Warrick hanging with Tesla
the CSI coroners seeing stuff even they aren't prepared for? yeesh.
Calleigh Appearantly picked a target that if not bullet resistant, appearantly doesn't have it's vulnerable spot where she expected.
Nick meets his dad