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#53, RE: Characters you'd love to see in NF
Posted by Gryphon on Nov-12-13 at 04:46 PM
In response to message #52
>I wouldn't mind seeing what Gryphon and the rest do with some of the
>other characters from the Mass Effect series like Thane Kiros, Kasumi
>Goto and the Justicar who's name escapes me at the moment.

Thane, Kasumi, and Samara don't interest me very much; their plotlines always struck me as if they had been added simply to make Mass Effect 2 longer. (In Kasumi's case this is particularly so; her entire story arc was DLC.) I do have a notion in mind for an incident in which someone raids what's-his-name's basement full of stolen art objects, but it's not Kasumi and Commander Shepard.

>I also have this strange feeling that MegaZone is the Shadow Broker of
>this dimension...if he is, then kudos to him.

Not so much, no. I'm not sure the UF universe has a Shadow Broker, per se, but even if it does it is probably not Zoner. Generally speaking, the chosen of the goddess of chaos would be a poor choice for such an organizational role...

>I wouldn't mind seeing Gryphon or Mister Deprew's take on Bane and
>Deadshot as well, I'm kind of curious as to how an august villian like
>Bane would exist in the same place as Big Fire ;)

*snort* I'm sorry, did you just use the phrase "august villain like Bane"? Finding it hard to credit your thesis there. :)

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