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#59, RE: Characters you'd love to see in NF
Posted by Mercutio on Nov-13-13 at 00:06 AM
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LAST EDITED ON Nov-13-13 AT 00:07 AM (EST)
>Samara in particular seems very shoehorned in. I never used her in 2
>and her missions were kind of pointless.

I think everyone has their own "list of Mass Effect squadmates who turned out to be clunkers." Not so much the first game; I know people who don't like Kaidan or Ashley (which makes the ability to kill one very convenient) but you usually can't find anyone willing to badmouth the implementation of Garrus, Wrex, Liara, and Tali.

But in two and three... Jacob has almost nobody who really likes him. The word "bland" is used a lot. Many people find Samara to be very shoehorned in, and Morinth was a good idea executed in an entirely half-assed way. James Vega seems to attract an almost visceral level of dislike from a lot of people, who, this being the internet, often express it in the form of vile slurs against hispanics. But you get a fair few people who are like "Grunt didn't grab me, Jack is just an angry child, Mordin is some kind of Nazi space scientist, EDI is just fanservice, I might have liked Miranda if the camera hadn't spent so much time glued to her ass" and so on. And fair enough. ME2 has a truly enormous squad, some of the archetypes they embody are just going to fall flat.

>Thane, on the other hand, was excellent if underused in 2, and then
>absolutely amazing (and potentially heartbreaking) in 3. Gryph, if you
>haven't played 3 yet, grab all of the DLC and have a crack. The game's
>really excellent now.

Mass Effect 3 was always a good game, even when the only DLC was "From Ashes." 90% of it is a tour de force.

The other 10% is so awful it manages to make the rest of the series retroactively worse somehow just by existing. Yes, even with the Extended Cut.

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