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#60, RE: Characters you'd love to see in NF
Posted by twipper on Nov-13-13 at 11:09 AM
In response to message #59
>Mass Effect 3 was always a good game, even when the only DLC was "From
>Ashes." 90% of it is a tour de force.
>The other 10% is so awful it manages to make the rest of the series
>retroactively worse somehow just by existing. Yes, even with
>the Extended Cut.

I think the Clever Noob guys, in their Extended Cut documentary on ME3, got it entirely right. Yes, I said documentary. You would think EA would figure out they did something wrong when there are multiple fan groups making 60-90 minute Hollywood-production level documentaries on their product.

I digress. The Clever Noob folks released their Extended Cut version of their ME3 doc just before the release of the final DLC. In it, they predicted (accurately) that the DLC would fail to actually resolve the crap ending issues BECAUSE the crap ending issues were generating so much free advertising for the game that EA had no desire to shut anyone up.

And yes, all the blame (or damn near all of the blame) for the ME3 ending is placed on EA, not Bioware. Bioware definitely suffered from the buyout, particularly in certain issues of publication control.