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#61, RE: Characters you'd love to see in NF
Posted by Pasha on Nov-13-13 at 11:59 PM
In response to message #60
>>Mass Effect 3 was always a good game, even when the only DLC was "From
>>Ashes." 90% of it is a tour de force.
>>The other 10% is so awful it manages to make the rest of the series
>>retroactively worse somehow just by existing. Yes, even with
>>the Extended Cut.
>I think the Clever Noob guys, in their Extended Cut documentary on
>ME3, got it entirely right. Yes, I said documentary. You would think
>EA would figure out they did something wrong when there are multiple
>fan groups making 60-90 minute Hollywood-production level
>documentaries on their product.

I dunno, if I made a product that resonated with people enough that multiple people put in the effort to make really good art based on it, I'd be wondering what I did right enough to have people care, not what I did wrong.

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