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#14, RE: Characters you'd love to see in NF
Posted by Mercutio on Feb-03-14 at 07:56 PM
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Oh man. A fresh shiny wishlist thread. Should I write a manifesto about Friendship is Magic?

... no. Not today. But! Other things. It's funny... if I'd taken part in the original thread, a year ago, it would have been just a very long rant about getting Atla into UF somehow. How times do change.

As others have noted in this thread, I wouldn't mind checking in on old friends at some point. In particular, I'd like to see that Leverage story finally see the light of day, or some more stuff with the Jedi Academy Harry Potter Cast. Although frankly, I imagine someone somewhere has already written that.

But I digress. Paring things down, my top three "haven't appeared in UF, would like to see'em in New Frontier, think they'd be appropriate" picks are, in ascending order...

3) Loki. No, not the dead guy. And not MCU Loki, either. I'm as big a member of the Cult of Hiddleston as the next guy, but there's not a good way to shoehorn him in anyway and frankly, his conceptual space is mostly occupied by Akio anyway.

No, I mean Child Loki, from Kieron Gillen's wonderful, spectacular run on Journey into Mystery. There was a long period there where I wasn't reading any Marvel title that didn't involve Matt Fraction. I made an exception for Kieron and have not regretted it for a single day.

Child Loki thematically fits UF in all the right ways and is just an amazing character, and with the pre-existing Asgard stuff here in the setting... well. There's just so much potential there.

2) Elphaba Thropp. Yes. That Elphaba Thropp. Book or musical flavor, I'm not picky.

Anthy's witchery is coming along nicely these days, but she could probably use some additional mentoring/peer review, and the Wicked Witch of the West is just about the gold standard for witching it up, really. I mean, come on. The Shire of all places made it into UF, Oz isn't that much a stretch, especially since Ace is hanging around somewhere. Or hell, she could just be an awesome Orion lady. I'm pretty easy.

And topping the list...

1) Elsa the Snow Queen.

I feel no need whatsoever to justify my love for Elsa. To do so would be to cheapen it. :)

Honorable mentions:
-Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey. Go watch White Collar.
-Shego. Really, with Phil on the production team I don't get how that hasn't already happened.
-Kate Bishop and Clint Barton. The Matt Fraction versions only, please.
-IPO Agent Philip Coulson. This time, yes, the MCU version.
-Unicron. Theoretically, with Cybertron Dreams no longer canon, he has, in fact, yet to actually show up. :)
-The brave men and women of the Extraterrestrial Combat Unit.

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