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#18, RE: Characters you'd love to see in NF
Posted by Gryphon on Feb-03-14 at 08:16 PM
In response to message #14
>3) Loki. No, not the dead guy. And not MCU Loki, either. I'm as big a
>member of the Cult of Hiddleston as the next guy, but there's not a
>good way to shoehorn him in anyway

Sure there is. You just haven't thought of it. That's usually what people mean when they say things like that. :)

>No, I mean Child Loki, from
>Kieron Gillen's wonderful,
>spectacular run on Journey into Mystery.

Not to be confused, as my brain always does, with Karen Gillan's run on Journey into Mystery, which was frankly a bit of a letdown.

>Child Loki thematically fits UF in all the right ways and is just an
>amazing character, and with the pre-existing Asgard stuff here in the
>setting... well. There's just so much potential there.

There are a couple of problems there, but the main one is that I haven't read a Marvel comic - or indeed any comic - in... oh... quite a few years at this point, and cannot really be said to have any burning ambition to do so again anytime soon. Which would make research challenging.

>2) Elphaba Thropp. Yes. That Elphaba Thropp.

You say that - as people so often do these days - as if I ought to know what you are talking about...

>1) Elsa the Snow Queen.

... and again.

>-Kate Bishop and Clint Barton. The Matt Fraction versions only,

I made a joke a couple years ago about how convenient it was that Jeremy Renner kept playing characters who could seamlessly be folded into a single UF character. His characters from The Hurt Locker, The Bourne Legacy, and The Avengers are obviously all the same guy: a former Earthforce EOD technician who was converted into a super-secret sleeper agent against his will, broke free of his sinister handlers, and then found the solace his tortured soul craved in the structure and method of the ancient, long-neglected archery form practiced by the Grammaton Clerics of the Order of St. Ignatius before the invention of firearms and the gun kata. I see no reason to walk that back. :)

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