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#19, RE: Characters you'd love to see in NF
Posted by Bodhi on Feb-03-14 at 08:53 PM
In response to message #18
>I made a joke a couple years ago about how convenient it was that
>Jeremy Renner kept playing characters who could seamlessly be folded
>into a single UF character. His characters from The Hurt
, The Bourne Legacy, and The Avengers are
>obviously all the same guy: a former Earthforce EOD technician who was
>converted into a super-secret sleeper agent against his will, broke
>free of his sinister handlers, and then found the solace his tortured
>soul craved in the structure and method of the ancient, long-neglected
>archery form practiced by the Grammaton Clerics of the Order of St.
>Ignatius before the invention of firearms and the gun kata. I see no
>reason to walk that back. :)

That works! That's awesome, Gryph.
Hell, it'd be easy to have Geoff run into him and Brother Neo crossing paths on separate missions. Or, even better, Sister Destiny and EOD-Archer-badass get pinned down (against CoM, Big Fire, bad guys du jour) and Geoff is the nearest friendly operator.

Hell, almost makes me want to write it. Except then, Merc'd want to bust my chops, too.


Elphaba Thropp? The wicked witch? IDIC in action, I guess.