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#25, RE: Characters you'd love to see in NF
Posted by BobSchroeck on Feb-04-14 at 08:55 AM
In response to message #24
>>She is also, obviously, not a crazy lady bent on getting her murder on
>>in the direction of cherubic midwesterners in Wicked.
>In fairness, I'd be up for a little murder too if my name was Elphaba
>Thropp and I couldn't find a sympathetic judge.

She has other issues -- one could very accurately describe her as the Embittered Idealist of the West -- that weigh more heavily on her mind.

On the meta level, her (first) name is constructed -- in homage to one of the stories about the origin of "OZ" -- from L. Frank Baum's initials.

-- Bob
My race is pacifist and does not believe in war. We kill only out of personal spite.