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#33, RE: Characters you'd love to see in NF
Posted by Mercutio on Feb-05-14 at 02:34 AM
In response to message #24

>Well, don't get me wrong, there's plenty of killin', but on Cross's
>part it's mostly of the Freeman's Mind "If you guys would stop
>shooting at me I wouldn't have to keep killing you!
>Give peace a chance! Or at least stand still!" variety.

Having now seen it... it isn't a cinematic tour de force or anything, but Renner was quite enjoyable in it, and it was, pleasingly, not at all what I was expecting. Somehow I got the impression it was going to involve a lot of blood-soaked mayhem, and instead I was left with the distinct feeling that what the writers really wanted to do was tell a cerebral story of what happens when intelligence services fail people on every possible level, but felt it was necessary to put in a few token gunfights and motorcycle chases. Aesthetically, it felt like Bourne Identity had a kid with the 2011 version of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Best moment; when Cross comes to the slow, awful, angry realization that Marta really, truly doesn't have any fucking clue what she's about. I laughed probably more than was appropriate. Yes, Aaron. She really was that naive.

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