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#42, RE: Characters you'd love to see in NF
Posted by JeanneHedge on Feb-06-14 at 06:30 PM
In response to message #14
>2) Elphaba Thropp. Yes. That Elphaba Thropp. Book or musical flavor,
>I'm not picky.
>Anthy's witchery is coming along nicely these days, but she could
>probably use some additional mentoring/peer review, and the Wicked
>Witch of the West is just about the gold standard for witching it up,
>really. I mean, come on. The Shire of all places made it into
>UF, Oz isn't that much a stretch, especially since Ace is hanging
>around somewhere. Or hell, she could just be an awesome Orion lady.
>I'm pretty easy.

While I do like Elphaba, if more witches/sorcerers were to be introduced, I'd like to see the gang from Silent Mobius

>And topping the list...
>1) Elsa the Snow Queen.
>I feel no need whatsoever to justify my love for Elsa. To do so would
>be to cheapen it. :)

Because she has the same voice as Elphaba, her big number is of a similar theme to Defying Gravity, and she's really cool. :)


Jeanne Hedge
"Never give up, never surrender!"