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#46, RE: Characters you'd love to see in NF
Posted by Mercutio on Feb-10-14 at 04:17 PM
In response to message #18
LAST EDITED ON Feb-10-14 AT 04:20 PM (EST)
> a former Earthforce EOD technician who was
>converted into a super-secret sleeper agent against his will, broke
>free of his sinister handlers, and then found the solace his tortured
>soul craved in the structure and method of the ancient, long-neglected
>archery form practiced by the Grammaton Clerics of the Order of St.
>Ignatius before the invention of firearms and the gun kata.

Did he spend a year hunting witches after getting out of the monastery, though? :)

And then there was that time he got elected the Mayor of Camden. He's lived an interesting life.

Keep Rat