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#9, RE: The WDF and IPO in New Frontier
Posted by Astynax on Sep-05-15 at 01:11 AM
In response to message #8
>Well, that's easy to test.
> grep -C1 -ir "head of state" fanfic/UF 
>... --
>fanfic/UF/FI/SOS/rose-new-year.txt-identity documents provided (it was
>awfully convenient, Miki Kaoru
>fanfic/UF/FI/SOS/rose-new-year.txt:reflected, to know a head of state;
>the Republic of Zeta Cygni was, in
>fanfic/UF/FI/SOS/rose-new-year.txt-large part, embodied by Kaitlyn's
>father), the supplies prepared.

>Actually, it was Miki. I wouldn't expect him to be wrong about such
>things. Governor General sounds about right, though.

That was also some years prior to most currently/recently active storylines, as well as the general time period of the New Frontier. It is entirely possible G simply left office sometime shortly after founding the IPO, both to focus his attention and avoid conflicts of interest.

"Or Miki was simply incorrect in his assumptions."