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#43, RE: NF Characters I want to see...
Posted by Verbena on Jul-29-16 at 09:11 AM
In response to message #40
>>I fully approve of Pyrrha getting to be in a setting less likely to
>>pull the events of Volume 3... Also, it's a place where she wouldn't
>>automatically stand out (Besides being adorable) so that'd make her

I do enjoy RWBY a great deal, and while I don't think Pyrrha was -screwed- like some other characters brought into UF have been (obviously, this was planned from the beginning, and it didn't feel cheap or vindictive) I do think the entire setting of RWBY could be pulled onto a remote planet almost verbatim. Failing that, yes, the characters could still easily fit in. Her as Themiscyrean fits very well too, as Gryphon stated--she WAS patterned after a Greek warrior, after all. Everyone in JNPR is patterned after a culture.

>... and subsequently Jaune as well.

Just wish we knew more about his powers.

>In thinking a bit more about this now that we know Gryphon actually
>knows what we're talking about, I would imagine at least a few of the
>Beacon students might be Jedi-in-training (and hanging with the Harry
>Potter crew). Ozpin as a Jedi Master strikes me as very likely, too.
>Oobleck's obviously hooked into the Speed Force.

Not as sure about this. It's great for their powers but is a poor fit for their weapons. And have you seen the leaked Season 4 trailer? Ruby's speed movement got a -massive- upgrade, and it honestly looks less like the Force and more like magic.

>And what is the connection between Ein and Zwei?

That is surely a question for the ages. XD

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