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#17, RE: UF: The New Frontier
Posted by Offsides on Apr-05-09 at 07:47 PM
In response to message #16
>When she first appears, Padmé Amidala is as she appeared in
>The Phantom Menace, more or less. Mind you, she's been elected
>queen of Naboo; she's legally an adult. (And legend has it she isn't
>the youngest monarch Naboo has ever elected.)
Which leads to the questions of how she got into position to be elected (and even being electable, in the socio-political sense) in the first place, not to mention why the people of Naboo would trust the position of the monarchy to someone that young... But I suspect that it's a combination of Bellisarius' Law and "it's not really that important" :)


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