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#19, RE: UF: The New Frontier
Posted by The Traitor on Apr-07-09 at 07:16 AM
In response to message #18
>The thing about Naboo is that, unlike in the real world, politics is
>an honorable profession with standards of conduct, and the Opposition
>is as a matter of course both loyal and civil. You wouldn't expect,
>for example, to see MPs for the Splendid Isolation Party trying to
>cause public panic by calling Her Majesty's readiness to protect her
>kingdom into question in an open session. There's a lot of rolling up
>sleeves and getting on with it on Naboo in a crisis.

It seems to me that Gryphon is portraying Nabooese government as a hybrid of the romantic notions of governance in Bronze Age Greece and the UK. Which is, of course, no bad thing. So long as Padmé is not replaced by an overweight, dour chap with a thick Scottish accent and an economic brain to rival most supercomputers...