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#0, 10th Anniversary Memorial
Posted by pjmoyer on Apr-09-14 at 08:01 PM
LAST EDITED ON Apr-09-14 AT 08:13 PM (EDT)
So, as it turns out, 5 years ago there was a limited edition City of Heroes 5th Anniversary t-shirt contest for Hero Con '09, and the winning artist created this snazzy Hero design:

Since this month would have been CoH/CoV/GR's 10th anniversary, she decided to offer that design on Redbubble for a month... as well as a never-before-seen Villain design that she did on commission for one of the programmers:

So, until the end of April 2014, you can obtain the tees here, in a variety of Archetype colors:

City of Heroes on Redbubble
City of Villains on Redbubble

She's also having a very brief window (and much cheaper) limited run of the Hero shirt with sizes up to 5x at $11 at unamee.com on Friday April 11 for 48 hours.

More details about these offers, and other things related to her art can be found at her tumblr, http://syrusbliz.tumblr.com/ .

--- Philip
(She's also the artist who did Seasons of the Widow, in case you're curious)

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#1, RE: 10th Anniversary Memorial
Posted by Gryphon on Apr-09-14 at 08:29 PM
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Oh hey, I have a pic of Captain Photon and Jen Rossum by her.

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#2, RE: 10th Anniversary Memorial
Posted by BZArcher on Apr-10-14 at 00:24 AM
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Oooo. Thankya, Phil.