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"teaser/frag: GG Book 2 Act VIII"
"Wow, Sis, this place is amazing," said Flandre once the bellman had departed. Entering one of the bedrooms, she hopped onto the bed, bouncing a couple of times, and grinned. "Springs!"

"I'm so glad you approve," said Remilia dryly. Then, smiling, she agreed, "It is impressive."

"The man at the desk never said what it cost," Flandre realized, and Remilia smirked.

"In this sort of establishment, one doesn't discuss such matters until the time comes to settle the bill. It's gauche," she explained. "However, that does raise an important point." She went through the sitting room to the other bedroom, where Sakuya and Meiling were sorting out the luggage. "Sakuya? There's no hurry, but when you're settled in, I have an important errand for you."

"What's that, m'lady?" Sakuya inquired, straightening up.

Remilia reached into her shoulder bag and withdrew a small black velvet sack, which clinked gently as she handed it to Sakuya.

"We spent what little modern currency we had on the train tickets," Remilia told her. "I need you to take a look around and find a place where you can convert those into money we can actually spend."

With a curious look, Sakuya untied the blue silk ribbon holding the bag closed and looked inside, to find that it was full of coins. Withdrawing one, she turned it over in her hand and saw that it was a louis d'or, the coinage of the ancien régime; this particular one, sporting the profile of Louis XV, was dated 1751.

"I doubt the management of this fine establishment accepts two-century-old coins," Remilia went on with a wry smile.

Sakuya re-tied the sack and made it disappear into a pocket somewhere. "I'll see to it at once, m'lady," she said. "Meiling, will you help m'lady and the young mistress unpack their things, please?"

"Sure, I'll take care of 'em," Meiling said. "Sure you don't want to wait until I can come with, though? I mean, that's a lot of gold to be carrying around..."

Sakuya gave her a sardonic look. "Who do you think you're talking to?" she inquired.

"Awright, don't get mad," Meiling replied with a grin, spreading her hands in surrender. "I'm just sayin'."

Sakuya relented with a slight smile. "Thank you for your concern," she said, "but I'll be fine."

"OK, well, have fun," said Meiling. "I'll look after things here 'til you get back."

With Sakuya off on her errand, the others unpacked the baggage, sorting out and putting away their clothes and things. The all-important trunk, containing Remilia and Flandre's "special provisions", went into a corner of their bedroom, where it looked slightly incongruous, but would be out of the way yet ready to hand.

Then, having rigged the bedroom for blackout at best she could, Flandre yawned and said, "I don't know about you, Sis, but I need a nap. My body's all confused about what time it is."

Remilia smiled. "Go ahead, Flan. I'll join you shortly."

"All right," said Flandre, untying the knot of her ascot. "Don't wait too long," she added with a smile.

"I won't," Remilia assured her. Closing the bedroom door behind her, she said to Meiling, "Flandre and I will be sleeping for a little while. I suppose," she added a touch ruefully, "we shall have to get used to being awake for at least part of the day while we're in the city."

"It'll probably make things more convenient," Meiling agreed. "Sleep well, I'll hold the fort."

"I hardly think we need a bodyguard," said Remilia. "You can go and explore if you like."

"Nah, I'm good for now," Meiling replied. "I'm a little tired from the trip myself. By the way, I should thank you for not letting them stick us in the servants' quarters," she added. "I've seen those before in places like this. They're usually pretty grim."

"You're welcome, but really, there's nothing to thank me for. Sakuya likes to play the servant, and I indulge her," said Remilia with a mischievous smile, "but you're both part of the family as far as I'm concerned." She folded her arms, giving a derisive snort at the very idea: "Servants' quarters indeed."

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