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Feb-15-20, 00:57 AM (EDT)
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"(STO) Ten Years of Stuff"
   LAST EDITED ON Feb-15-20 AT 01:10 AM (EST)
So as some of you may be aware, Star Trek Online is celebrating its ten year anniversary this month. I'm not going to talk too much about that, or the featured episode (except to say it's pretty neat, IMO), or the collection of "hero" ships that's only available as one big expensive bundle. No, I'm here to quote someone from else-board, talking about all the... interesting items that Captains in STO tend to accumulate over a five-year mission or two. I imagine a lot of us have inventories and personal/account banks like this. (Mine, for instance, includes a complete set of anniversary party horns, and a nearly-complete set of almost every extant breed of tribble.)


Sometimes I imagine an inspector going through my ship and asking what all the stuff is.
"What's in this box?"
"400 autographed photographs of Q."
"And this one?"
"That's Jimmy."
"Jimmy looks like a torpedo."
"Jimmy is a sentient torpedo, yes."
"Timmy looks like a dinosaur."
"Timmy is a dinosaur."
"Why is this pattern enhancer in a weapons locker?"
"Every once in a while it makes people fall out of time. Wow, you're writing on your clipboard an awful lot."


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