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Subject: "Mac- So what's he look like?" Archived thread - Read only
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Oct-27-01, 01:44 PM (EST)
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"Mac- So what's he look like?"
   LAST EDITED ON Oct-27-01 AT 01:45 PM (EDT)

Harcourt 'Mac' McKenzie shares Utena's birthday- December 29. He is a few months older than Kaitlyn and is about as ordinary-looking as a male human can get without beginning to resemble Jeremy Feeple.

Mac is, as of 2404/2405, about 6 foot tall, and will add another five inches before he completes his full growth about 2410. He is of average build and musculature, leaning towards slender, with brown hair and eyes and a plain, but not homely, face. He seldom smiles, and when he does it is usually a thin-lipped wry smile, and he almost never laughs out loud. He presents an air of either distraction or radar-locked focus, depending on whether he's paying attention to his studies or you. Among other humans, he generally has an additional air of private embarrassment, which he does not show at Galaxy House.

I did a quick sketch today of Mac studying in an armchair in Galaxy House's common room. Follow the URL:


and, when you get the 404 error, add '.jpg' to see the image.

The sketch, by happy chance, is one of my best ever- which is to say it doesn't totally suck. Mac's hairstyle is close to what I've drawn here- slightly shorter in back and on the sides, brushed flat and square across the top when Mac can be bothered to primp, with a couple of bangs left long in front on purpose- 'it's the fashion back home,' Mac says. His head is not quite as ovoid as drawn here- that's just how I tend to draw heads.

Any further pics of Mac will have to be drawn by someone else. I'm no artist.

Redneck (would have drawn G'Kron in there too, but couldn't get a good pose going or good reference for drawing a Narn)

Red wizard needs money badly...
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