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Subject: "We sail to VALHALLA ... eventually ... (Valheim)"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Mar-06-21, 07:23 AM (EDT)
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"We sail to VALHALLA ... eventually ... (Valheim)"
   I'm not huge survival fan ... in fact, in most cases games like that bore me. That said, Valheim is really just as much about the travel and the adventure, with some pretty decent if simple combat.

You're an Einherjar, dropped into the Tenth World which apparently has gotten quite rowdy because Odin's dumped some of the beings on his Most Wanted list there ... so now he gets a giant crow to dump you there to take care of it, by doing what you're best at. Drinking and murder.

... and I guess building barns ...

It's not much, but it's home?

You'll note the textures are very deliberately simplistic, but the lighting effects can be really gorgeous.

Then there's the travel aspect ...

Um. Okay, mistakes were made ...

On the whole, a really fun adventure, naturally better with friends. Especially as the worlds are procedurally generated, your characters are persistent, and you can jump between said worlds without any penalty.

The non-believers climbed for days to confront the master in the mountains. "Where do you get your so-called faith?" they asked.
"You brought it," the master replied. "You've all climbed so high." - The Book of Cataclysm

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