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Mar-06-21, 06:53 PM (EDT)
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"Guns, guns, and more guns"
   Yeah...this one is kinda difficult. But, I figured the common thing were games, so...

Anyways. Gamespot, who is a site for video games, has started a youtube series about the guns of games. And it's REALLY good. The presenter is Jonathan Ferguson, who is a close acquaintance, at least, of Gun Jesus(he's got a book at Headstamp Publishing, and has appeared in several of Ian's videos) and, more importantly, the Keeper of Firearms and Artillery at the Royal Armouries museum in Leeds, UK.

If you're at all interested in the actual guns that show up in certain games, I really suggest you go take a look. Not only is Mr. Ferguson highly knowledgeable, as you'd expect, he's also very clearly a person who has actually PLAYED many, if not all, of these games.

There are a couple of other videos in the playlist, referencing other things, but they're pretty "meh". The videos with Jonathan Ferguson, on the other hand, are all gold!

Pausing(it's the new Make the NOISE)

Stoke Mandeville, Esq & The Victorian Ballsmiths
"Nobody Want Verdigris-Covered Balls!"

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