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Nov-03-16, 02:42 AM (EST)
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"In re tonight's sportsball news"
   LAST EDITED ON Nov-03-16 AT 02:45 AM (EDT)
Many years ago, I read an X-Men comic in which some culty villain type or another had captured Shadowcat and was keeping her in a small room (don't ask me how) while endeavoring to brainwash her for some Manchurian Candidate scenario or suchlike bullshit. There's a page where he and his chief minion (think of Amon and Steampunk Batroc from TLOK1 if it helps set the scene) are watching the proceedings on CCTV, and Kitty's just flat-out not having any of what their mind control tapes are selling. She's not even too bothered about the situation. Just sort of biding her time and making sarcastic remarks about how deep they're burying themselves with this shit.

"She's resilient," Steampunk Batroc says, impressed.

"She's a Cubs fan," Amon replies sourly. "They're not like other people."

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