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Jul-21-10, 02:36 PM (EST)
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"unexpected amusements dep't"
   The other night I was screwing around with a random vocoder plugin for WavePad that I found online, trying to figure out if I could get it to do a proper Soundwave voice.

And the answer was no, not really, because the proper Soundwave voice has a lot of weird pitch shifting and harmonics in it, and it's built on Frank Welker doing his Doctor Claw voice anyway, which I can't sustain long enough to deliver any useful amount of dialogue.

But it could, after a good bit of experimentation, do a different effect that I think would be an acceptable symbolic stand-in for an audiobook production. It doesn't sound much like the cartoon voice effect? But it makes you think of the cartoon voice effect. Here's a quick sample.

He sounds a bit like a talking Hammond organ now, but that's okay; I don't have to kill myself trying to do the Dr. Claw voice and it's certainly distinct from all the other voices in the piece. Mind you, if we ever get going on the next part of CR again, he has a much more prominent role in the plan for that one, and applying this effect to his lines and only his lines is slightly tedious, but, I suppose, we must suffer for our art sometimes. :)

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