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Nov-17-12, 10:57 PM (EST)
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"Not an Urgent Question"
   In all the years I've been doing this, no one has ever wondered, "That's all well and good, Gryph, but do they have rock 'n roll in Nall's ancestral homeland?"

Well, as James May once said, don't wonder no longer...

... of course they do.

Behold the magnificence that is Flash Firestone, keyboard player for the hottest, hardest, heaviest band in all of Alfheim, the Dragons of Metal!

... OK, so, basically Truss and Jedi Anne were in Las Vegas on vacation the other week, and the gift shop in one of the casinos had a whole collection of heavy metal dragons. They got me this one for Christmas.

The reason this is on the UF board is because it unexpectedly tied back to a joke that was made in the studio years ago. You know how in Dungeons and Dragons, the evil dragons are flat colors and the good dragons are metallic? This came up in studio conversation once, I forget the context, and someone used the phrase "dragons of metal", at which point we all agreed that that was totally a Draconian band in UF. I even threw together a logo.

Other members of the Dragons of Metal include:

Reed Typhoon, megasax and apocalypse horn!

Rex Spandau, keytar and lead vocals!

Presumably they also have a drummer and at least three guitarists, but Truss and Anne didn't get photos of those. (I'm not sure how many more actual statues there are; I know there was a guitar dragon.)

Sometimes it gets a little silly up in here.

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