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Dec-26-12, 06:08 PM (EDT)
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   I've been hanging around the site again, as I have been wont to to do since that dark time known as college(late nineties to '02 was an interesting time for me), and I have a few questions.

In order in which they occurred to me:
1) Has The EPU in general (or Gryphon, in the specifically less general) moved away from the epic two-day-read format of stories in favor of the mini's?
2) Is the story of the recovery of Kei and the punishment of the guilty parties still yet to come?
3) Have we seen the last of CSI:New Avalon? Of the Mythbuster's? Of Kaitlyn, Corwin, Utena, and Miki?

I know life gets in the way, and priorities tend to change in the face of time, or health concerns, or just out of a need to put down a pursuit that no longer serves it's purpose. And I know that nothing good can last.

The thing is, when the characters are this well-written, multi-dimensional, and engaging, people want to keep hearing of them. Fans, and I am assuredly a fan, want to read the newest adventure and re-reread the older stories to find the details that make the new text work. Fans identify with the characters as having that mix of faults and strengths that that we'd like to see in ourselves.

I've this scene in my head where UF-Gryph leads a strike force to recover Kei. A team that includes his kids, (Samurai, Jedi, Viking-God of Being Awesome, Galactic Agent...)his friends, (Logan, Skuld, Depew the HellBringer, maybe Megazone the Chaoswalker, if he can be found) and Kei having just broken free, making her way out of a cell, or a plush cage masquerading as an apartment. Or meeting the assembled team just outside of orbit in a liberated fighter, tired of waiting for rescue and full-military thrust for home. A story that showcases that while time hasn't stood still waiting for Kei, she hasn't been forgotten in the least. Does it play out that way? Anything even close? Or is it better?

I'm not asking when. And I am not complaining, in any way, shape, or form. I'm merely inquiring as to if the story has reached a point of, not completion, but having ran the course of the events to be told. The product is excellent and the price cannot be beat. But, I am curious.

Thanks for the effort, dedication, and thought it has taken to get this far.

- Bodhi

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