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Subject: "randomly, in re Don G's TARDIS"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Aug-20-17, 01:14 AM (EDT)
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"randomly, in re Don G's TARDIS"
   I was riffling through some old photos on my phone just now, and I ran across a photo I took years ago at the hospital down in Bangor. There was this cool mysterious thing on the wall in the lobby, and I wanted to make it a visual reference for a thing in UF. Then I kinda forgot about it, on account of I was at that hospital having the Great Brain Adventure and it was a bit distracting.

Anyway! You know how in a couple of scenes in Project Phoenix, Don uses a telephone on his TARDIS's control console? It looks like this.

Including the sign.

I was back at that hospital for other business a little while ago, and they've renovated the lobby. That phone (or... whatever it was?) is no longer there. That makes me sad, partly because the photo I got of it was a bit crap. Which will tend to happen when you're taking photographs while having an attack of severe ataxia. :/

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