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Mar-20-08, 01:58 AM (EST)
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"CoH: Starting Over revised"
   LAST EDITED ON Mar-20-08 AT 01:59 AM (EDT)
I've revised my original City of Heroes story, "Starting Over", which depicts the re-origin of the Silver Spectre. Changes include:

- Changed the Spectre's name to reflect its proper spelling. When I originally wrote the story, "Silver Spectre" was unavailable, so the original version of the character (who still exists on Infinity) was named "Silver Specter". (Amusingly, Firefox is insisting that "spectre" is misspelled. This is why I don't use canned spell checkers.)

- Fixed the non-hero names and the backgrounds of the various Cryptic-created characters (most notable Ms. Liberty) where applicable. Much of the official information was unavailable when the original version of "Starting Over" was written.

- Adjusted a scene toward the end so that the doctor in charge of the experimental treatment tried out on the Spectre was the young Max Netrinov, later to become Prof. Neutrino.

I kept my non-dickhead interpretation of Statesman, though, because frankly I think a universe's #1 signature hero shouldn't be a dickhead.

Benjamin D. Hutchins, Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief, & Forum Admin
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