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Jan-30-14, 09:20 PM (EST)
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   I do apologize if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it if so.

For an unrelated reason, I needed a name for an angel...and most of the ones I tried wouldn't do, so I cast my thoughts about...and came upon the three Archangels in NXE. Gabriel and Michael I had already discarded, but then I thought...Azrael. Or was it Azarel? Gods, my memory...
And so, I came upon the In Nomine pages for the Archangels...and I couldn't find Vengeance anywhere there. So...am I missing something, or is this an Eyrie exclusive creation? I found a 'normal' angel for RIGHTEOUS Vengeance, but not Azrael anywhere in the list.

The name of the Angel I futzed up, but this kep bugging me, so...

Gott's Leetle Feesh in Trousers!

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