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Subject: "Please don't kill me, Mr. Gryphon"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Jun-22-01, 01:45 AM (EST)
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"Please don't kill me, Mr. Gryphon"
   This is proving more difficult than I thought; it's like a job interview or something :O

Well, my name is Rich Anderson, and I've been a fan of UF since '91, when it was first posted. I collect manga and doujinshi, and occasionally I publish my own doujinshi. As far as my UF fan-hood goes, I'm not the most vocal fan, but I love the core UF as much as anybody can. Re-reading it pulled me out of some depression I was going through, and for that, I thank you guys. UF 4, I might add, has the best plot twist I've ever read.

If I may, I'd like to share a story:

I've managed to meet most of the core group at cons, Zoner, I see fairly often at cons; Truss, less often. I tend to go into fanboy-mode when I meet them, though, and for that I apologize. I finally managed to meet Gryphon at the last AnimeCentral, and I was almost speechless.

Years ago, though, my friend Dave and I drove to Boston for Arisia totally on impulse, and got to see nearly the whole group. I'd showed him the core UF, and the week of the con I said to him, "Wanna go to Boston to meet the Wedge Rats?" and he said "Sure," so we drove fifteen hours to Boston. We found Zoner, and he was kind enough to sit in the hotel bar and chat with us for a while. A moderately sized group of Wedge Rats were with him, but Erik Swimm was the only one whose name I recognized. The conversation drifted from here to there as we talked about UF, how close the characters were or weren't to their real life counterparts, women in our lives, the finer points of scotch, Max Headroom, and other subjects. It was a memorable experience for both of us.

Earlier in the con, however, I managed to meet ReRob outside a video room. It was pure luck, but there he was. I think I asked him where Zoner was, and he gave me a look like he was sick and tired of being asked where Zoner was. So, while meeting ReRob was cool, it was rather awkward :)

There you go, enough of my rambling...

-- Rich

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