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1. "RE: Various Corwin-related questions"
In response to message #0
   >Obviously, Stick is named, and is of
>significance, but does his Mauser have a name?

No, there's nothing particularly special about it. It's just a gun.

>he seems to be able to leverage his divinity
>over many things, outside of mecha, like the Valiant's engines and
>some other things I'm forgetting.

I suppose it depends what you mean by "mecha", or, for that matter, "great machine" - the actual Asgardian term on his divinity license, as it were, probably doesn't translate very precisely. It's also worth pointing out that he doesn't customarily do anything outright paranormal when he's working in the Valiant's engine room. He's not "leverag[ing] his divinity" there so much as just generally being good with tools.

>So, what falls under the heading of "mecha" and "great machines"?

See the note about translation above. This is a thing that I broadly prefer to determine when and if I need to, rather than making strict commitments out-of-story.

>Would he, for instance, be able to cripple any class of Destroid with
>a thought?

Possibly, but where's the sport in that? (Also, it might depend on whether his limiter was in place. With it off, he could conceivably cripple entire classes of Destroids with a thought, as in "no Atlas will work, anywhere, today.")


Transformers aren't equipment, they're people. He knows a lot about how they work - probably more than any other organic being - but it's doubtful that he could (and even more doubtful that he would) indulge in wave-of-the-hand theatrics when dealing with them.

Like all the gods who choose to live among mortals, Corwin can do a lot of things that he generally opts not to do, in the interest of not jostling people's worldviews too roughly. For instance, he can fly, but hardly ever does so because he thinks it's ostentatious. :)

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