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Subject: "(teaser 2) S5M4 Try, Try Again"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #353
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Jul-16-13, 03:37 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: (teaser 2) S5M4 Try, Try Again"
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   LAST EDITED ON Jul-16-13 AT 03:39 AM (EDT)
 "ANYway," Utena plowed on, ignoring the point scored, "then 
>there's your 'cousin' - "
>"Mirai?!" Corwin blurted. "When you and I met, and don't
>think I don't know where you're going with this, she was -eleven.-"
>"Yeah, you didn't hear the quotation marks," Utena went on
>breezily, "as I was saying, your 'cousin' Kaname. She's a lot like
>me, you know. Enough so that I'm shocked she didn't have you walking into
>doors long before I ever came along."

"You know, you could have used air quotes. That's what they're -for-."

"It's not as much fun that way. Also, air quotes make you look like a tool."

* * *

(Seriously, they're an incredibly useful signalling device, but has anyone ever used air quotes and NOT come off as faintly ridiculous? Councillor Sparatus, I'm looking in your direction!)


The entire sequence is a bit self-congratulatory without context, but that one exchange with Utena messin' with Corwin about his 'cousins' is totes adorable.

I've been doing a lot of trawling through the old and crusty parts of UF due to arguments elsewhere on the boards, and Corwin's romantical escapades are an interesting contrast to the ones of the generation prior to his. I feel like Gryphon sort of accidentally backed up into the first couple of big relationships in his life (and his one with Kei was rather dysfunctional for a long time, to boot) and didn't end up with his truly huge grand passions occurring until after he'd been around for a long time and had gotten the whole 'understanding himself' thing more or less locked down.

Corwin has been doing more classic teenaged romance stuff, just with more, you know... demons. All the classic tropes were represented, starting with the whole 'no, we're NOT interested in each other, really' thing and rolling from there.

(That's not a criticism. Those things are tropes for a reason; they work.)

It's good to see the Triumvirate getting things locked down. Polyamory is super hard work.

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