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Subject: "(teaser 2) S5M4 Try, Try Again"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #353
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3. "RE: (teaser 2) S5M4 Try, Try Again"
In response to message #2
>There's an element of truth to that, though. Part of it is because
>G's policy, which I'm sure was informed largely by the way he
>blundered into his thing with Kei, has long been to just... see what
>happens. (He wouldn't really understand until he studied kenjutsu
>that this is essentially a Zen approach to romantical adventure. :)

There's a pleasing symmetry at work there, I feel; Gryphon is very active, very forceful, aggressive even, in his professional life. It kind of makes sense that in his personal life he'd be a lot more Zen. Kind of a ying-yang thing.

>By and large this has worked for him, though it does mean that the
>bulk of his relationships have been with markedly... proactive
>women. Even in his 400s, I'm not sure he really knows how to
>"pursue" a relationship in the traditional sense. (Probably, by that
>age, if he did he wouldn't consciously attempt it anyway, because it
>would make him feel predatory.)

Probably wise. Gryphon is very old, powerful, wealthy, and just absolutely soaked in what modern class (as in social class) analysis would refer to as 'privilege.' Nothing wrong with any of that. But it does mean caution is indicated before trying to draw people into your romantic and/or sexual orbit, if you were inclined to do so at all.

Which he's not.

Yeah, I don't know where I was going with that either.

>The downside to that, of course, is
>that those women who are expecting to be, how to say it, come
a bit tend to find him frustrating. I think that's probably
>why his on-and-off thing with Sara never quite happened.

The first name that popped into my head upon reading that was not Sara, but rather, "Sumire Kanzaki." Sumire is definitely what you'd call proactive, but she's also the sort of lady who expects someone to, as you say, come after her. Because she's Sumire Kanzaki, dammit, and even if she ALREADY likes you, if you like HER you had best be prepared to prove it. Conspicuously. To her complete satisfaction. And she's RARELY satisfied.

>[N.B. It's four in the morning and the preceding may
>not actually make any damn sense. It doesn't have to, though. Sense
>is not the boss of me.]

No, no, it makes perfect sense. Well, at least to me. But four in the morning (well, technically "an hour before I go to bed, regardless of time of day") is just about the only time I feel fully alert and focused, so...

>Mind you, Corwin doesn't really know what he's doing in that
>regard either.

Corwin is twenty. At that point most people are super lucky if they've managed to figure out for certain their precise romantic and sexual preferences, let alone how best to find someone who they can be mutually fulfilled with. So he's kind of ahead of the game.

It also helps out that Corwin is a super-genius God with a robust extended family and support network. He and his spouses will never have to worry about making tough choices a lot of other people getting married and having children at that age would, like "can we have a kid, or can one of us go to college" or "which one of us is going to have to give up their career for the other one."

Of course, they do have to worry about the fact that the Devil knows their names. So, y'know.

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