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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #40
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9. "RE: TRAILER: OWaW 20 (Special)"
In response to message #5
   It's apparently a lot simpler in the canonical Strike Witches universe, as Brave Witches just calls in Petersburg (no Saint, as the Neuroi overran Jerusalem et al. prior to 30 CE). Which makes sense since there was no reason to make it sound less Karlslandic in this universe.

A large part of the story of Brave Witches deals with the 502nd trying to keep going as a new Neuroi Hive, code-named Grigori, threatens to cut off their supply lines to the port of Murmansk (where polar convoys from Fuso and presumably Liberion come in) and Suomus. They get a little relief at Saturnus (the Winter Solstice celebration). Spoiler image at i.imgur.com/FlvcdOz.jpg

Quick question. In OWaW, when Eila complains to Gryphon about "Bear Girl" being mean to Sanya, he asks if Eila got along with Sanya from the start and she responds like she didn't at first but "at least I gave her a chance." Is this trailer just glossing over that?

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