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Subject: "DS03 Goodbye & Hello, Revisited"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #412
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Dec-21-13, 05:02 PM (EDT)
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6. "RE: DS03 Goodbye & Hello, Revisited"
In response to message #4
   >>Three-quarters of an hour or so later, everyone was sorted out
>>and ready to face the day.
>... Anthy and Utena have blindingly fast toilettes, especially for
>women with as much hair as they do.
>That's not snark, I am genuinely impressed.

We've already discussed the fact that Anthy cheats, and as practical as Utena is, she probably has efficiency down to an art form.

>>He bowed again, first to Utena, then to Corwin. "Maximilian Chin
>>Yongmin XVII, Supreme Civil Servant to Their Excellencies the President
>>and Senate of the United Republic of Nations and Hereditary Chief
>>Bureaucrat to the Celestial Emperors of the Western Reaches, at your
>Hmm. That sentence scans oddly to me; I think of "excellency" as a
>title used for a person, rather than an institution like a Senate. But
>that might just be me.
>That said, oh man am I a big fan of Chin's. It may not have escaped
>the notice of either of our hosts that I am a huge fan of people who
>work within the system in an awesome way; I'm a big proponent of the
>'heroic bureacrat' archetype (if there is such a thing) someone who
>makes shit happen using memos and signatures and the secret powers of
>paperwork. (I like Director Manning and Shizuru for the same reasons.)
>Chin is like catnip for me.
>>And with that, he removed from his back a dark-stained,
>>beautifully made wooden pack that turned out to be a sort of portable
>>secretary with shoulder straps, placed it on the end of the bed, and
>>began to unpack a surprising amount of kit from within it: documents in
>>expensive-looking dark card folders, an inking pad and roller, adhesive
>>wafers, paper-wrapped gold foil, and a pliers-like sealing device.
>See? Tell me that that kit is any less impressive, or less powerful,
>than, say Batman's utility belt. I challenge you.

See https://allthetropes.orain.org/wiki/Badass_Bureaucrat

Wedge Defense Force General Order 12: "Try to avoid freaking the mundanes."

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