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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #423
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3. "RE: Reflection on Lion of Avalon"
In response to message #2
   >Well, whether she's alive, whether she knows about her grandchild,
>whether she'd be at all friendly to Anthy and her family, that sort of

It's entirely possible she's still alive; svartelves aren't technically immortal, but they are a very long-lived people. It's even possible, given the height of the Trinity's profile in celestial circles recently, that she's heard of Anthy (though she may not be aware they're related; the fact that Anthy's mother was a svartelf is known to a few intimates but isn't on the public record).

However, given that Anthy's late mother was an exile - was, in fact, executed, as far as the svartelven authorities were aware at the time - that lady's mother is unlikely to be too kindly disposed toward her descendants. It may say something about the way svartelven families work that Anthy's mother was (er, if you'll pardon the expression) the black sheep, and not her sister Hild, despite the fact that Hild's the one who had an illegitimate daughter with no less a figure than Odin.

The materfamilias, if indeed she is still living, would be more likely to be proud of Akio. A grandson who became a demon prince, now, that's something worth bragging about in Svartalfheim...

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