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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #46
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7. "RE: A Highlight Reel Moment"
In response to message #5
   Oh yeah, I forgot to show you the poster for the "Lynne executes the Hunter from across the map" mission.

I had to.

They would meet again in the assault on the Hunter's stronghold, once I figured out what I was doing wrong in the first room, and, well...

... the ending was never really in doubt, was it?

Not an overwatch kill this time, as she had to reposition to get a line of fire on him, but the gang was so efficient about wrecking the Thingy (two heavies who have Advanced Teamwork with other teammates and auto-loaders on their BCs make short work of a Respawning Thingy) that he only had 7 HP when he respawned, so the Shadowkeeper was more than up to the job. :)

That outcome was probably even more satisfying than an overwatch would've been. The way she did it was very stylish, and very Britannian, too. Because of the way that room is laid out, she basically had to walk out from around a pillar and end up behind him. In my head, that plays a little like that scene with the UNIT guy and the Sontaran general in the "the Sontarans team up with the guy who invented Facebook to take over the world" episode of Doctor Who. "You will face me, sir!" <KILL>

Or, alternately, the Gordon Freeman approach: "If you think I won't shoot you in the back, you're mistaken."
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