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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #468
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Nov-08-14, 01:18 PM (EDT)
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9. "RE: TFLF: CH6-7"
In response to message #1
   >>Also, they've probably thought ahead enough to know you won't be in
>>school forever, and if there's nowhere suitable for -their-
>>needs....well, I'm sure you'll catch on eventually.
>Mio might start to suspect when she discovers that it's called Tea
>Time Studio. :)

Hah! Nice. :)

>>> "I've never heard of this Fang brand before," Azalynn remarked, "but they look a lot like Ibanezes."
>>Funnily enough, on a similar note, I popped into my local music store
>>a couple days ago, looked at their (rather meagre, admittedly) guitar
>>selection and thought* "I've never heard of these Ibanezes before",
>I mainly know them because it's Joe Satriani's brand of choice; I've
>never played one (though last time I was at my semi-local guitar shop,
>oddly enough the only lefty electric they had in stock was an
>RG-series). The name is Spanish, but it's a Japanese brand. (And
>naturally Azalynn spots that the Fang-brand guitars at 10GIÄ look
>like the Ibanez Strat-derived body style because she plays a JS2000,
>one of their Joe Satriani signature line. She'd have been
>disappointed if she'd picked one up, though; they're a bit crap. That
>Stratoclone Ui borrowed was a Fang.)

Have to admit, now I'm curious to try one. Maybe in a couple months when I feel less new at everything I'll take a proper look. Having a lighter guitar to practice with on a more regular basis than "every other weekend at lessons" seems like a nice idea, but my budget has practical limitations, and the quality improvement is probably still lost on my still unskilled ear.

>>Yes indeed. I mean, I understand why Jun didn't join from the outset
>>(and the subsequent slow redecision as stories filtered through from
>>Azusa) but I never quite got why Ui didn't. Seems to me she'd be all
>>over the excuse to hang out with her sister further. In either case,
>>the original rather drags its heels on that front, and I like that
>>we're not going to here.
>I suspect that Kakifly didn't go there for an out-of-story
>equivalent of the same reason Ui and Jun sort of object - because he
>didn't want to risk messing up the feng shui in the clubroom by
>either expanding the band further or adding more club members who
>weren't in it. (That, and the "the Light Music Club can't get new
>recruits because everyone thinks they're freaks" thing is a running
>joke, albeit not one I'm particularly attached to, obviously. I
>touched it in Jun's blog post in Chapter 1, and that about did it for
>that as far as I'm concerned. :)

It's a valid point, it just feels more like an out-of-story driven decision than an in-character one. Ui's predilection for following in Yui's footsteps leads me to think that joining would be the most natural response and not joining is....kinda weird. And mostly I guess jarring because there's not much on-screen decision made one way or the other, she just...doesn't join.

>Also, it has to be admitted that most prodigal young guitarists
>would resent it at least a bit if their younger, cleverer,
>better-at-school sisters suddenly upped and took up the instrument,
>then joined the club where they have, after a lifetime of muddled
>obscurity, really started to shine. It would tend to seem...
>competitive. That's probably never occurred to Yui, because she's
>Yui, but I could see Ui worrying that she might cause it, and the
>author wanting to avoid implying it.

The two come across as the least contentious siblings I have ever seen (and yet without falling into the standard show-sibling trap of coming across as heavily unnatural about the entire affair, which is rare but nice) so I'll give that that would feel feel like the more usual sibling response, but not so much in this case?

>Personally, even bearing the above (which are valid concerns!) in
>mind, I always thought it was both a bit odd and kind of a shame that
>Ui only joined the club after Yui and company graduated, because not
>only wasn't she in it with Yui, she only got to be part of it
>for a year.

Well, yeah, that is kinda the thing. Which is why I think I'll like seeing this approach to it instead :)

>(I should note, in the interest of full disclosure, that
>I'm not a great fan of either of the volumes of the manga that happen
>after the four founders graduate, so that probably skews my perception
>of the matter a little.)

The post-graduation manga pair don't hold up as well, yeah. The High School side I think fared better, probably because it didn't try to rebuild the supporting cast quite so extensively (and Sumire was actually a likable Mugi-alternative), though it did give Sawako the short end of the stick a bit.
The College side suffered mostly by squandering the potential of the supporting cast it could have kept on (why even re-introduce Sokabe if you're not going to actually explore her otherwise offscreen-developed friendship with Ritsu and pretty clear crush on Mio? That just strikes me as wasted opportunity) and the new cast...well, being underwhelming mostly.

This portion of the thread appears to have veered back mostly into the source material side of things, so I'll leave it at that. There's more suitable places for this side of the discussion. :)

>>if Mio is an airbender, Ritsu's a firebender, Mugi
>>is...well, Mugi, and it wouldn't surprise me if Yui had accidentally
>>memorized a Kung Fu form or two by marathon-watching too many martial
>>art movies with Nodoka one rainy summer and has never thought to
>>practice (or not, but I could see it happen :)
>There was some joking speculation in another thread that Yui may be a
>waterbender, and just not have realized it because she thinks she
>merely has
>telekinetic >mastery over citrus fruits.>

Hehe. Well, gotta start somewhere, right? ;)
Joking aside though, it's fun to speculate on what Yui might be capable of. Her skillset may be less balanced than Ui's, but strikes me as no less potent. Just...haphazadly applied.

>>Starting topics feels weird to my lurker-senses
>Well, I'm glad you did. If everybody lurks, I don't know what's going
>on, and I start to get the feeling that I'm really just the online
>equivalent of the guy at the bus stop shouting at indifferent
>passers-by. :)

I'm glad I did as well, because I've been on both sides of the lurker barrier and I know how not fun it is to get no feedback. Doesn't mean it didn't feel weird to step outside the comfortable little lurker zone though :) I shall endeavour to lurk a little less often, though.

Commentary on part 8 to follow sometime tonight.

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