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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #488
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Jun-02-15, 01:11 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Things that Akio knows"
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   And knowing all these things, he still went ahead and pulled the stupidest blunder of all blunders. If anything or anyone had the do not touch sign in glowing neon over them it was Annabelle. Up until now he had been subtle, working in the background, using others to do all the dirtywork, enacting what I thought might be a good overall master plan. Then he does this. Think about it. He has LITERALLY brought down the wrath of GOD on his head. Not withstanding who the girls parents are, the entire pantheon of Asgard are her aunts, uncles, cousins, grand and great grandparents, etc etc. Not to mention the dragons, elves and whoever else considers her if not kin then close enough. Plus the deceased but still around in Valhalla, The IPO, Lensmen, Korra, her aunts and uncles, friends of the family, etc, etc, etc. And all those normally honorable and anything but kill members of Corwins immediate and extended family will be pushed over that point, like Kate, to accept that some beings just need killing. Hell, even quite a few of those from Akio's own realm would join in, because even though they are evil, they have respect for Griffin and kin and the rest won't want to get involved. There is no place Akio can go, no ally he can run to, no power he can summon to fight the wrath he has unleashed on himself. I just hope its Anthy that gets to strike the final blow, cause even though we don't really see it, is the darkest of the dark when it comes to someone hurting her own child. It should be a fun read.

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