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Oct-10-14, 07:07 PM (EST)
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"2014.10.10: We Can't Stop Here..."
   LAST EDITED ON Oct-11-14 AT 05:16 PM (EDT)
... this is bat country.

* Z-Gryphon is slightly puzzled by the specific callout of Macy's for that mission, but hey. :)
<DocMui> ZG: Is it because some associate NYC with "mace" more than "Macy's"? ;-)
* Z-Gryphon disintegrates in giggles for no visibly evident reason, because of something you just caused to happen in his brain
<Z-Gryphon> I don't even know if I can explain it, since it requires that you've seen the Terry Gilliam movie of "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" and I don't know if you have. :)
<DocMui> ZG: Sadly, I don't have that movie.
<Z-Gryphon> well, if you ever see it, there's a scene where Raoul Duke's lawyer (played by Benicio del Toro) is tripping balls on acid and getting violent, and Duke threatens him with a can of mace
<Z-Gryphon> "Mace! Mace, man, you want this?" "You bastard, you'd do that, wouldn't you." "Damn right I would! I have to work in the morning."
<DocMui> ZG: *snrk* That...would do it.
<Z-Gryphon> it's much funnier than that description would lead you to believe, since in the weird world of Fear & Loathing, drug-fueled violence is comedy
<Z-Gryphon> but because of what I was thinking of in a different lobe just as you mentioned mace, that whole scene played out in my head...
<Z-Gryphon> ... with Mio Akiyama playing the role of Raoul Duke and Ritsu Tainaka as her drugged-up, violent, but weirdly loyal attorney.
<DocMui> .....
<DocMui> ZG: You made me cringe. ^_^;;;
<Z-Gryphon> like I said, it's funnier if you know the movie. :)
<Z-Gryphon> if Yui fell asleep halfway through watching Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, her dreams would be like that, I think. :)
<Z-Gryphon> either that or she'd be Dr. Gonzo and Azusa would be Duke.
<Z-Gryphon> ["One toke, you poor fool? Wait'll you see those goddamn bats, senpai."]
<DocMui> Poor, poor Azusa. :-)

"Please, Yui-senpai! Tell me you bought the fucking golf shoes!"
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