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Subject: "TFLF 12: A Tour of Bellehaven"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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3. "RE: TFLF 12: A Tour of Bellehaven"
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   I'm really impressed with this, both in the "how much planning really goes into these" aspect (that goes for all of the behind-the-scenes looks at various residences we've gotten so far), as well as on the aspect of how well you turned the image-on-screen into an image in words. I had gotten things a bit mixed-up in my initial mental image of the place from its construction; I had expected it to be one long building as opposed to the vaguely L-shaped structure (with a tower). Beyond that one mental mix-up however, the image in my head was really close to how it appears here.

It's fun to see these bits of the process, the annotations, and the expanded "featured documents" pieces; they really add an extra level of breadth to UF in particular. The UF-verse is -huge-, but that just makes it seem more -connected-.


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