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Jun-25-14, 07:18 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: note on the process"
In response to message #0
   >Occasionally in the life of a writer there will come along a scene
>that, if you're honest with yourself, is the whole point of telling a
>story. The one where the whole rest of the piece is basically just
>there to hold it up, flavor it, and give it context. That's not to
>say the rest of the story is pointless, or that there aren't other
>parts of it that are also lots of fun and/or very important; but
>sometimes you get the one scene that you just know, looking at it
>after you're done with it, is gonna be the tent pole. The alpha dog.
>You read it back and you know you've got your Klaatu barada
. Scenes like that make all the grunt work (and yeah,
>sometimes writing is grunt work) worthwhile.
>Phil and I have written such a scene today, I think.

And I, for one, am quite looking forward to reading it....


Remember kids: guns make you stupid, duct tape makes you smart.

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