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Jun-15-15, 01:29 AM (EST)
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"Things I Shouldn't Do"
   So when I was a kid I had a Fisher-Price Fun Jet, because, well, it was just something you did when you were a little kid in the '70s.

A while ago I got to reminiscing about the Fun Jet, and looked around on eBay to see if anybody was selling one. There were quite a few, but I noticed that most of them were damaged - doors missing, tails broken off, and so forth.

This immediately gave me the idea that I should buy one of the broken ones... then search out a few of the blue-bodied Little People, paint NTSB on their backs in yellow, strew around some assorted others and some of the luggage from the airport set, and create a Fisher-Price Crash Scene Investigation diorama.

I should really not do that. But I want to.

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