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Jun-18-14, 04:24 PM (EDT)
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"Just completed WL"
   So, my latest stop in the EPU vaults was Warrior Legacy.

Now for me, this was a very interesting re-read because I am not up all that much on the Street Fighter Universe, so most of my impressions of the characters are straight from this work.

Now I've watched some of the anime and live action film or two (one w/o Van Damme and the one with that I try to forget), so they blend nicely which is a really good thing.

So for me, this was just a nice fun read. Nice work on switching view point.
This one seems more fan fictionish than most of EPU which strikes me more as an whole Universes. But that is not a bad thing by any stretch.

But it was a fun read and I will now long for Battle 8, but not expect one.


"When you have eliminated the
impossible, whatever remains,
however improbable, must be the
truth." - Sherlock Holmes

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