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May-11-21, 04:27 PM (EDT)
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"Friday Night Tights"
   Just thought I'd drop a line here for anyone that's interested, seeing as how we ran into Aerianne the other night and realized that some folks from these parts are still active on the Homecoming front.

There's a group of us, some who have a board presence here and some who don't, who get together and Do Stuff on the Homecoming Everlasting server every Friday night. Run the weekly strike targets, go beat up Bobcat, time-travel to wrestle sweaty Romans, whatever. If you're looking for something to do, you're welcome to come join us.

If you're interested, @Sofaspud in-game (that's me) and I can invite you to the Legendary channel where we more-or-less coordinate this stuff. (Others here can invite you too, I'll let them ID themselves if they like.)

(Also: the server has a Mothership Raid twice daily at, uh... 4-ish and 7-ish Pacific. The XP is free 'cause the Rikti are buyin'. Great way to get some levels and join in on random kibitzing. None of us are running that particular show but the ones who are have the old live server feel to them and are fun types to hang out with. Lots of Virtue peeps who keep cropping up. :) )


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