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Subject: "2018.01.10: to the Littledeath"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Conferences Quotes from the Studio Topic #81
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"2018.01.10: to the Littledeath"
   (the scene: Matt and I are discussing possible details for Korra's visit to Asgard)

One of the workshop signs made Korra pull up short, reading it out loud to make sure she was actually seeing what she thought it said. "It has been 39 days since our last pie related accident?"

Corwin sighed. "Long story. Short version? The weapons of war are not really suitable for table service."

"Duly noted."

Ah, the first field test of Jenny Littledeath's infamous Pie-a-Pult (proposed ad strapline: "Besiege Your Hunger!").

Jenny is the Valkyrior's gnomish tech specialist, or, as she arranged for her business cards to say, artist-in-residence. It may go some way toward summarizing her attitude to life if I note that many gnomes of Alfheim choose new surnames for themselves in adolescence.

"Oh! Greetings, improbably foxy bigfolk lady! You must be Corwin's latest."


"Actually I was first, for some values of."

"Oh, fine, I see how it's going to be."

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